TEX Flights Cancelled, Overall Air Access to Telluride Largely Unaffected

TELLURIDE, Colorado (March 27, 2018) – Great Lakes Airlines announced yesterday that it has suspended its commercial airline operations, resulting in the cancellation of flights to Telluride Airport (TEX). Overall air service to Telluride and the region is largely unaffected as the Great Lakes flights comprised less than 3% of the air access this winter.

The destination is served by two airports, with the bulk of flights coming into the Telluride-Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ), Telluride’s primary airport. Air service into MTJ continues to run at record levels, offering more than 350,000 seats in and out annually from 12 national hubs on 4 major carriers.

Great Lakes officials have cited the national pilot shortage as the core contributing factor for recent struggles to provide air service and for the suspension of operations.

Colorado Flights is working with its partners to assist customers who are currently booked with Great Lakes. According to Great Lakes’ instructions, customers seeking refunds should call 800.554.5111, or visit the airline’s website at www.greatlakesav.com. Customers are encouraged to rebook on the multiple flight options into the Telluride/Montrose (MTJ) airport, and to call the Telluride Tourism Office at 866.829.6852 for shuttle assistance.

“We appreciate Great Lakes significant efforts over the past several years to maintain service into the Telluride Airport (TEX) in the face of an acute pilot shortage, caused by a change in federal regulations in 2013,” said Colorado Flights COO Matt Skinner. “While our core air access through the Telluride-Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) remains unaffected, we will continue to work on options for commercial service into the Telluride Airport.”

Building since the 2013 regulation change, the pilot shortage now reaches from local and regional carriers up to mainline legacy airlines, affecting routes and air service to communities throughout the country.

For detailed flight information for Telluride and the region, please go to www.coloradoflights.org and select a choice under Schedules.

For area resort and reservations information, please visit www.visittelluride.com, www.tellurideskiresort.com, www.visitmontrose.com, and www.ouraycolorado.com.