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How To Book The Best Fares

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Quick Notes:

If you’re searching for the best available fares, there are a  few tricks and tools that will help you find what’s out there quickly and easily.

1. Travel Off-Peak. Whether that is on a Wednesday to Wednesday schedule, or in early February rather than mid-March, you will find better fares on less-busy travel days and weeks of the year.

2. Be Flexible. If you can adjust your travel within a 3-day timeframe, many times you can find a better fare – e.g. come out on the Friday rather than the Saturday.

3. Book Ahead. Airlines target business travelers for their short booking windows – and charge corresponding high prices. Make sure to book at least 7 days ahead, and many times 14 or 21 day advance purchases will mean extra savings.


Google has a great system at:

After plugging in your initial search, click the calendar and a grid will come up showing best fares through the month.

A tab a the top lets you choose between regular, business and first class.


Kayak has been the industry leader for the last few years, and also has some great tools:

In the upper left column they show trend information, forecasting whether they believe the price will go up or down. You also have the ability to opt-in for tracking and alerts on the flights.


Momondo his a newer addition, and provides a pricing graph you can scroll over at the top of any search to see the optimal travel days: