Please note, nearly all live schedules will differ from the above as they currently have last year’s capacity in place, with the airlines keeping these flights live as long as possible in the event they could fill. We will continue to see monthly adjustments to the schedules through the winter. 

Quick notes on changes:

-Overall capacity for Winter 2020-21 is targeted at 75-80% or prior year

-United DEN-MTJ may see 1 less frequency/day this winter, running at about 75-80% of prior schedule

Denver Air to TEX will run 1x daily early and late, and 2x daily, 5 days/week, during the winter season

-Delta suspended service to non-SLC hub mountain airports, including ASE, HDN, MTJ and EGE (except a handful of flights there). They have plans to return next year.

-We have suspended Allegiant-LAX flights for Winter 20-21


For a PDF of the above schedule, please Click Here

Maps and Layout Schedule Coming Soon.

Schedules vary and change frequently.
Please check the individual airline sites for the latest schedules and timetables.